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Razer Gold Pin (Euro)

৳  560৳  10,760

  • USD: 560.00$ - 10,760.00$

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Region: Europe

Razer Gold Pin is the unified virtual credits for gamers situated all over the world.

Use Razer Gold over 2,500 games and entertainment content to buy games and in-game items. Get more excitement for your money with exclusive game deals and get rewarded with Razer Silver, the loyalty rewards program for gamers.

All the Codes SOLD are NON-Returnable and NON-Refundable

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About Razer Gold Pins

How to use direct top-up with Razer Gold PIN :

  1. You can top up by using Razer Gold PIN if the game supports Razer Pin direct top up as payment method.
  2. On the payment page, select Razer Gold PIN (or Direct Top-up).
  3. Depending on the game, it may require you to either insert your user id or to log in to your game account or enter your character information.
  4. Enter your Razer Gold Serial Number and PIN code.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Remember to redeem your Razer Silver if you have an existing Razer Gold wallet or simply sign up for one here.

How to reload Razer Gold wallet with Razer Gold Pin:

1. Access your Razer Gold account at with your Razer ID and password.

2. In the top menu, click GOLD, then click “Reload” and choose Razer Gold PIN.

how to topup Razer Gold wallet with razer gold pin

3. Enter your Razer PIN number and click “Next“.

how to topup Razer Gold Malaysia wallet with Razer Gold MY

4. Passed the reCAPTCHA validation.

5. You have successfully reload your Razer Gold wallet with Razer Gold PIN. The receipt will be sent to your email which can be viewed at


Get games at better prices

Limited edition Razer
branded in-game items

Exclusive promotions with
your favourite games

Easily available online and offline

Pay from a localized account currency
(Eg: USD5 = 5 Razer Gold | MYR30 = 30 Razer gold)

Earn Razer Silver for every Razer Gold Spent

Frequently Asked Questions


Razer Gold is a virtual credit backed by Razer for gamers. Reload Razer Gold and spend with our Partners to enjoy great offers, promotions, and earn Razer Silver.

Razer Gold is the only virtual credit that is neutral across all games and gets you more bang for your buck. Razer will be continuously helping users search for the best deals and exclusive offers that can only be enjoyed when you reload with Razer Gold. Eventually, gamers will only need to maintain one account to meet all their gaming needs.

We do offer Razer Gold Pins to our vast customer base. You may purchase easily from us and get codes instantly!

Moreover, You can buy Razer Gold easily from any one of 3.4 million online and offline channel touchpoints. Find your most convenient reload method here.

You can browse list of over 33,000 games and entertainment content that can be bought with Razer Gold here.

Razer Gold supports various regions and currencies*.
However, we recommend that you select the currency based on your region of residence for your convenience and to avoid unnecessary currency conversions.

If you do not reside in any of the listed regions, please select Global (United States Dollars).

*Does not apply to Razer Silver.

Yes. Razer Gold PINs are valid one year from the date of purchase on Please refer to your email receipt for the exact expiry date.

Expired Razer Gold PINs cannot be reinstated so we recommend that you consume them as soon as possible.

Bonus Razer Gold obtained from promotions and contests will expire within 30 days from date of issue. You may check your expiring balances in your Account Summary.

Some payment channels may impose a surcharge when you reload Razer Gold. Depending on the region you reside, local consumption taxes may also be applicable when you purchase games and other content on our platform.

If your account remains inactive or dormant over a long period of time, administrative charges in Razer Gold will be deducted.

Razer Silver is awarded for game or in-game content purchases using Razer Gold. Every USD1 worth of Razer Gold spent in a single transaction earns you 5% worth of Razer Silver.

For more information about the Spend Razer Gold Earn Razer Silver campaign, visit

Razer Gold PINs purchased from can be used to: • Reload Razer Gold wallets for the United States (not Global), or • Direct Top Up at participating game websites accepting USD

For a list of merchants using Razer Gold, visit

Exchanges, returns and refunds are not applicable for Razer Gold PINs.


Check that:

  • you have entered the PIN in full (not the Serial Number), and
  • you are using the Razer Gold PIN on the correct wallet region

If you are still unable to use your Razer Gold PIN or Bonus Gold Voucher, please contact Razer Gold Customer Support with the following information:

  • Razer Gold wallet email address
  • Serial Number and/or PIN used
  • Proof of Razer Gold PIN purchase or Bonus Gold Voucher awarded
  • Full screenshot of the error message

Your reload may be declined if suspicious or fraudulent activity is detected. We recommend that you:

  • check your billing information
  • try reloading at a later time, or
  • use a different payment method

If there is a deduction on your credit or debit card, your card issuing bank will typically release the funds within a few working days. It is common practice for banks to temporarily hold funds from your card during a transaction but please be assured that Razer will not collect the funds if your reload fails.

If your funds are still on hold one week after the failed reload attempt, please contact your bank directly for assistance.

Some transactions may take longer than usual due to server delays and unforeseen circumstances. If you did not receive your Razer Gold after 24 hours, please contact Razer Gold Customer Support with the following information:

  • Razer Gold Transaction ID
  • Date / time of transaction
  • Proof of purchase (e.g. payment receipt)
  • Mobile number (if reloading with a mobile phone line)

Additional information

Razer Pin (Euro)

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