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Fortnite V-Bucks Card


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Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players fight against each other in player vs player combat to be the last one standing. It uses V-Bucks as in-game currency.

V-Bucks are an in-game currency used in Fortnite…
It can be redeemed by the gamers into various platforms such as PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac and Mobile to purchase things like outfits, pickaxes, wraps, emotes and Battle Passes and many more.

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About Fortnite

Fortnite is a world of many experiences. Drop onto the Island and compete to be the last player — or team — standing. Hang out with friends to catch a concert or a movie. Create a world of your own with your own rules. Or Save the World by taking down hordes of monsters with others.

About Fortnite V-Bucks Cards

Redeem a gift card for V-Bucks to use in Fortnite on any supported device…! To use a gift card you must have a valid Epic Account, download Fortnite on a compatible device, and accept the applicable terms and user agreement. Review your device maker’s terms for any additional requirements to play Fortnite (e.g., subscriptions, additional fees). Visit to read the full terms before purchasing.

The card’s full face-value is deducted at redemption and associated with a single account for the device you select (no transfer or withdrawal). A gift card can only be redeemed for the indicated amount of V-Bucks, which may only be used in Fortnite. There are no fees or expiration dates associated with the use of a gift card. V-Bucks aren’t e-money or any other currency and can only be used according to Fortnite’s rules. Gift cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission. Use of a gift card constitutes acceptance of the applicable terms and user agreement.


There are four major game modes in Fortnite, together offering something for every kind of player. These four modes are: Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World.


Hop off the Battle Bus to the Island below and battle it out to be the last one remaining. Or team up with friends or other players to outlast other teams. Use the power of wood, brick, and metal to build structures to help you out.


Party Royale is a mode within Battle Royale. Instead of battling, Party Royale is an experimental and evolving space that focuses on no sweat, all chill fun. Attractions include aerial obstacle courses, boat races, movies, and even live concerts from top artists!


Included free with Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative puts you in charge of your own Island — create your own games and rules… and invite your friends! Creative gives you the tools to design games both simple and complex, so make what you want to create. And when you’re not creating, experience games made by your friends or others in the Fortnite community.


In Fortnite Save the World, explore a vast, destructible world as you and other players team up to hold back hordes of monsters. In your fight against these monsters — known as Husks — become stronger by finding loot, crafting weapons, and expanding your collection of Heroes. Build a base and fortify it with traps to keep the Husks at bay!

How to redeem V Bucks Code?

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Step 1 :

Go to and login to your Epic Games account…

Hover over your name in the top right corner, and then click V-Bucks Card

Step 2 :

Click Get Started to begin the redemption process…

Enter your V-Bucks PIN code and click “Next”…

Step 3 :

Select the platform you want to redeem the V-Bucks Card on, and then click Next.
Note: If you don’t see the platform you want to redeem your card on, make sure you’re logged into the correct Epic Games account.

Review the details and make sure the Epic account, device, and new balance are all correct, and then click Confirm.

If you redeemed the V-Bucks to a PC, Switch or mobile device, you can launch Fortnite and spend your V-Bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

V-Bucks are an in-game currency used in Fortnite.

Refunds are not offered on V-Bucks. You can spend them on gifts for friends if you no longer want them.

V-Bucks can be used to purchase things like outfits, pickaxes, wraps, emotes and Battle Passes.

V-Bucks are not transferable between Epic accounts. If a V-Bucks card was redeemed on the incorrect account however, Epic Games may be able to help. Please contact here for assistance.
Please contact us here if you believe your balance is incorrect with the steps you took to redeem your code.

Find detailed instructions on how to redeem HERE.

V-Bucks purchased on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are only available on the platform they are purchased on. All other V-Bucks, are available across platform.

This means your V-Buck balance may change depending on what platform you’re on. Examples are below:

  • Example 1:1000 V-Bucks purchased on PC.
    • PC will display 1000 V-Bucks available.
    • PS4 will display 0 V-Bucks available.
  • Example 2:1000 V-Bucks purchased on PS4.
    • PC will display 0 V-Bucks available.
    • PS4 will display 1000 V-Bucks available.
  • Example 3:1000 V-Bucks purchased on Mobile. 500 V-Bucks earned from playing Save the World or unlocking Battle Pass tiers.
    • Mobile will display 1500 V-Bucks available.
    • PS4 will display 500 V-Bucks available.

The restrictions outlined above apply to V-Bucks only.  Any content purchased with your V-Bucks will be available across platforms.

Additional information

V-Bucks Card

1000 V-Bucks Card (10$), 2800 V-Bucks Card (25$), 5000 V-Bucks Card (40$), 13500 V-Bucks Card (100$)

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