Steam is one of the most popular platforms to download your favorite games and play them.
This platform reached a record peak of over 21 million collective users this September.

Recently Steam made some changes on the prospect of how Wallet Codes are redeemed. As a result, there were many issues for users who could not redeem their desired amount of wallet codes. Earlier, most of the people did purchase their desired amount of steam wallet regardless of the region they are playing on. But as the system is changed now, users are advised to purchase their regional code only, from any retail store of the specific region.

According to Steam –
this is to prevent Scams and Paying Scammers with Gift Cards.

They also added – “These changes should not impact regular customers who enjoy using Steam wallet codes they purchase at retail in their local currency“.
You can find more information at this given link –

That is why many of its users are not being able to redeem their fancied wallet cards. Many regions got blocked and only the wallet codes dedicated to that region can be redeemable on those regional accounts. Take Argentina as an example! Hence, to avoid loss people are being advised by many of the retailers/resellers of Steam Wallet Codes to check account region first and then purchase the required balance.

How to check Steam Account Region…?

As many of the users were not aware of this region earlier, people found it hard to check the current region of their account. But, Fear Not! Being one of the most popular platforms for gaming, Steam came across the problem and published the way to check the region providing each and every detail.

Here’s How –

Store region is set depending on the location of the first Steam purchase. The region can be found under Account Details as shown.

While traveling, the Steam store will corresponding region’s prices and the user will be able to make purchases as from home.

Is Steam Wallet Code Country Restricted…?

Yes. Each Steam User Account is linked with a particular currency, which can be seen in the top right corner of Steam Client. You may encounter an error if you attempt to activate a Steam Wallet Code originated in a different currency than the one of your Steam User Account.

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